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Big items to consider:  Morgan Stanley is now suspecting that Russian Hackers could be at fault for the leaked customer data. ‘The Independent’ blog has been hacked and redirects all visitors to a page that gives them the Angler Exploit Kit. FBI warns MaineGeneral of a heathcare data breach, the hospital is now preparing to send out letters to everyone effected. A report done by IDC’s health insights group predicts that cyberattacks will affect 1-in-3 healthcare records within the next year. Lastly a clever article written by Norton that claims Santa fell victim to data breach and leaked the naughty/nice list.

Morgan Stanley Suspected Russian Hackers In Client-Data Breach – Publication: Wall Street Journal – Reporter name: Justin Baer

Morgan Stanley suspected that Russian hackers stole client data from a former financial adviser who pleaded guilty to illegally accessing the bank’s computers and taking the information home with him. Galen Marsh, who was fired from the Wall Street firm in January for viewing and copying account information on other advisers’ clients, pleaded guilty in September to one felony count of exceeding authorized access to a computer.

‘The Independent’ Hacked, Redirects To Angler Exploit Kit – Publication: SC Magazine – Reporter name: Jeremy Seth Davis

Researchers at Trend Micro found that the blog of the U.K. newspaper The Independent was hacked, and the blog redirects to pages containing the Angler Exploit Kit. The malware was silently injected into the system of readers who visited The Independent’s blog since at least November 21. Readers using systems that did not contain an updated Adobe Flash Player loaded the malware.

Cyberattack Causes Healthcare Data Breach At MaineGeneral – Publication: Health IT Security – Reporter name: Sara Heath

MaineGeneral Health will be sending out healthcare data breach notification letters to individuals who fell victim to a recent cyberattack, according to a health system press release. Upon investigation, MaineGeneral and a third-party forensics team discovered that personal information had been breached for patients who were referred by a treating physician to radiology since 2009. Additionally, some MaineGeneral employee information was breached, as well as personal information for potential donors.

Cyberattacks Will Compromise 1-in-3 Healthcare Records Next Year – Publication: CSO – Reporter name: Lucas Mearian

Consumers will see an increase in successful cyberattacks against their online health records next year; supercomputers like IBM’s Watson will reduce patient deaths and treatment costs by 10% in 2018; and virtual healthcare will soon become routine. Those are some of the predictions made by IDC’s Health Insights group in a new report. The report claims that because of a legacy of lackluster electronic security in healthcare and an increase in the amount of online patient data, one in three consumers will have their healthcare records compromised by cyberattacks in 2016.

In Wake Of Data Hack, Santa Vows To Give Everyone Coal This Year – Publication: Mashable – Reporter name: Norton

Now that Santa Claus’s Naughty / Nice List has been leaked by hackers, pretty much anyone and everyone with an Internet connection is clamoring to see where they fall on the list. But the data leak has also drawn a great deal of scrutiny from people who are wondering just what Santa’s behavior criteria were.

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