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Hard Rock, Loews hotels admit data breach

“Theft of info possible”

Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos as well as Loews Hotels have alerted customers that a recent breach may have exposed their sensitive information to hackers. Both seems to be ties to the same platform that holds third-party reservations, SynXis, which began informing client hotels months after the breach in June.

Leveraging AI To Maximize Cybersecurity ROI

“New attacks narrow security focus”

Proliferation of certain types of cyberattacks is leading to the development of new security solutions that build off of each others innovation. Each subsequent solution narrows the focus of defense, providing much greater security systems but dramatically increases costs and complexity of cybersecurity management. This also increases the number of false alerts and investment into resources that must facilitate these programs and train security personnel in the use of them.

California Association of Realtors subsidiary suffers major data breach

“Sensitive info may have leaked”

A large subsidiary of the California Association of Realtors underwent a significant breach that may have lasted about two months. Credit card information is thought to have been stolen from payment processing softwares. The Real Estate Business Services claimed in an official statement: “We recently learned that malicious code (“malware”) uploaded by an unauthorized third party was present in payment processing software used for store.car.org.”

Self-Service Food Kiosk Vendor Avanti Hacked

“Beloved snack vendors breached”

Avanti Markets, a self-service payment kiosk vendor whose reach spreads to many thousands of breakrooms across the country have suffered a massive attack to its internal networks. Hackers pushed malware to payment devices which may have exposed both credit card and biometric data.

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