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Big items to consider:  The European Union announced they will begin implementing harsh rules and penalties for large companies who violate privacy laws. Researchers have found another vulnerability in the Target gift registry that exposes customer addresses and phone numbers. Security firm exposed potential malware hidden in Bible apps. Skimmers found in some California Safeway stores after financial institutions began to notice a pattern in debit cards that are quickly drained after using certain checkout lanes in Safeway stores

Europe Stands Up To Amazon, Facebook Lobbyists — And Privacy Will Never Be The Same Again – Publication: Forbes – Reporter name: Thomas Fox-Brewster

It’s been nearly four years since the European Commission announced fresh plans for a stricter privacy regime, one that would unify the various member states in how they crack down on businesses failing to protect people’s data. Despite lobbying from a large number of US companies – Amazon and Facebook to name two – an agreement announced today all but guaranteed even the harshest rules would be implemented across Europe.

Target Back On Naughty List With Another Security Vulnerability – Publication: CNET – Reporter name: Laura Hautala

In a blog post Tuesday, researchers from security company Avast revealed the flaw, which allows unauthorized access to customers’ addresses, phone numbers and other personal information from wish lists created with the Target app. The only merry tidings are that credit card numbers don’t appear to be stored with the wish lists, so financial information isn’t vulnerable.

Cyber Sacrilege At Christmas — Android Malware Hiding In Bible Apps – Publication: Forbes – Reporter name: Thomas Fox-Brewster

Hoodwinking those of faith, those whose life is built on believing, is an easier task for a malicious hacker than going after paranoid technophobes. That’s why hundreds of malware types are hiding as Bibles and Qurans, or related religious apps, across the Google Play marketplace for Android phones. FORBES spoke with Telefonica’s ElevenPaths, a Spanish based intelligence provider that looks for Android threats, and it did reveal two Bible-themed apps on Google Play – Bible Questions and Bible FAQs – that it believed to be malicious.

Skimmers Found At Some Calif., Colo. Safeways – Publication: Krebs on Security – Reporter name: Brian Krebs

Sources at multiple financial institutions say they are tracking a pattern of fraud indicating that thieves have somehow compromised the credit card terminals at checkout lanes within multiple Safeway stores in California and Colorado. Safeway confirmed it is investigating skimming incidents at several stores. Banking sources say they’ve been trying to figure out why so many customers in the Denver and Englewood areas of Colorado were seeing their debit cards drained of cash at ATMs after shopping at Safeways there.

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