Bart Tillmans

Bart Tillmans started consulting at 10Fold Communications in December of 2013 to head up marketing and client channel development projects. He joined 10Fold in September 2014 as VP of Marketing, Operations and Systems. He brings 2 decades of high-tech B2B marketing development experience in domestic and international positions to the 10Fold Communications services portfolio. His client side experience helps us to always understand our client perspective and demand upfront.

Bart is the 10Fold team specialist for our own marketing and advising our clients with the creation of high velocity marketing programs. He also participates in best practices feedback processes for rapid market visibility and return programs for our clients. As channel go-to-market expert he is also a seasoned expert in transforming direct vendor messaging to go-to-partner solution selling enablement programs.

@10Fold we operate a very differentiated client service satisfaction standard with our MetricsMatter(TM) best practices program. And we are CRAZY about stats and our ability to over-deliver and over-perform on the programs we manage for our clients.

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