Security Never Sleeps – Avast and CCleaner, Apple Face ID

Avast reckons CCleaner malware infected 2.27M users

“Popular PC optimization software infected”

Users of a free software tool designed to optimize system performance on Windows PCs and Android mobile devices got a nasty shock this morning when Piriform, the company which makes the CCleaner tool, revealed in a blog post that certain versions of the software had been compromised by hackers — and that malicious, data-harvesting software had piggybacked on its installer program.

LiteBit Bitcoin Exchange Hacked Twice in Two Months

“Fuels concerns over security of trading platforms”, a multi-currency exchange based in the Netherlands, has suffered yet another data breach, two months in a row. According to emails sent to affected customers after each event, no Bitcoin or altcoin funds were stolen in any of these two incidents but the possibility remains a primary issue for those holding the currencies.

Apple’s Face ID isn’t flawless — technology can and will be hacked, cybersecurity expert says

“No facial recognition systems truly safe”

Facial recognition technology, such as in Apple’s new high-end iPhone X, is more secure than other authentication systems but it isn’t perfect, a cybersecurity expert warned on Friday. “None of these systems are flawless. And you’ll see it with Apple. They can be defeated. Somebody will do that,” said Tom Grissen, CEO of biometrics firm Daon, whose clients include USAA and MasterCard.

Malware blamed for city’s data breach

“Oceanside payment system affected”

A malicious form of computer code known as “malware” has been blamed for the security breach that shut down Oceanside’s online payment system in August, city officials said this week. The cyber attack targeted names, billing addresses and credit card information, and other sensitive information of the 40,000 customers who use the online system to pay their various utility bills such as  water, sewer and trash bills, city officials said.

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