Security Never Sleeps – BitGlass Talks Infosec, Equifax Failure

OurMine hacks video hosting service Vevo; leaks 3.12TB data online

“White hat hacking group strikes again”

The self proclaimed White Hat Hacking group OurMine is back in the news and this time it has targeted Vevo and released nearly 3.12TB of its internal data online. According to analysis, some of the documents released online are of sensitive nature.

Rich Campagna, CEO of 10Fold client Bitglass has commented on situations likes this before, saying that: “Acquiring credentials to access sensitive data is increasingly easy and incredibly lucrative for today’s hackers. The ease with which credentials can be compromised starts with risky behavior among users. Many end-users, for example, have a habit of recycling passwords across corporate and personal accounts, including personal social media, banking, and corporate email. This practice poses a risk to all data accessible to that user.”


“Over a week of failures has taken its toll”

Incompetence, failures, and general shady behavior in responding to its massive data breach from Equifax has confirmed that attackers entered its system in mid-May through a web-application vulnerability that had a patch available in March. In other words, the credit-reporting giant had more than two months to take precautions that would have defended the personal data of 143 million people from being exposed. It didn’t.

Northern Exposure: Data on 600K Alaskan Voters is Leaked

“Personal details leaked”

Researchers at Kromtech Security Center have discovered the personal details of over half a million US voters exposed to the public internet, once again thanks to a misconfigured database. It was a CouchDB database of 593,328 Alaskan voter records including names, addresses, dates of birth, voting preferences, household income and much more. The data in question is part of Voterbase; a larger trove of info on 191 million voters and 58m unregistered US voters managed by a TargetSmart.

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