Security Never Sleeps – Internet Explorer Bug, Sonic Breaches

Internet Explorer Bug Leaks What Users Type in the URL Address Bar

“Privacy risks with new bug”

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser is affected by a serious bug that allows rogue sites to detect what the user is typing in his URL address bar. This includes new URLs where the user might be navigating to, but also search terms that IE automatically handles via a Bing search. Users copy-pasting URLs for Intranet pages inside IE would likely see this bug as a big issue. The bug was spotted by security researcher Manuel Caballero, poses a privacy risk.

Fast-Food Chain Sonic Confirms Data Breach

“Yet another firm dealing with insufficient security systems”

The operator of drive-in burger joints said the attack left some customer credit and debit card numbers at risk. Fast-food chain Sonic Corp. is the latest company contending with a breach of customer data.


Calls for crackdown on rogue rental appliance firms after data breach

“Thousands of customers at risk”

A rental appliance company has suffered a massive data breach that has leaked tens of thousands of Australian private customers’ records online, including identification documents, Centrelink records and financial information.

Amazing Rentals – a company leasing televisions, fridges and other household goods – was last week revealed to have published 26,000 personal documents involving 4,000 customers on the internet.

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