Meet the Future of Data Stream Processing

Data Artisans is a Berlin based startup focused on data stream processing. Their product, Apache Flink, is the Big Data industries next big innovation in large scale data batch analysis, providing quick and reliable event processing in real time. Streaming data is collected and continually analyzed to ensure safe and productive environments for all industries from manufacturing, retail, to even many security applications.

Co-Founder and CEO Kostas Tzoumas has a somewhat brief but incredible impressive resume in his industry, founding data Artisans with software engineer Fabian Hueske in 2014 after several years at Microsoft and the Apache Software Foundation. The company’s unique approach has attracted several notable investors, among them Intel Capital and Tengelmann Ventures raising upward of 5 million Euros in its Series A funding.

Check out recent coverage of data Artisans here, and watch Co-Founder and software engineer Aljoscha Krettek explain how Aparche Flink works in greater detail here:

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