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10Fold Communications is one of the largest independently owned, deep-tech B2B agencies in the United States

Our clients choose us repeatedly. More than 50% of our business comes from people who’ve worked with us before, while our network of industry influencers, partners, and capital providers invested in picking the next tech unicorns, routinely recommend 10Fold as an agency that knows what they’re doing and that delivers results that count. 10Fold takes a top-down, inside-out look at your company and its business objectives to make sure we’re aligned on the optimum strategy and focused on helping you build and deliver those critical communication assets that will make the difference. No two clients are the same and nor are our communications programs. Our programs are designed uniquely to the business objectives of our clients, and include the best-practice components of an integrated communication strategy that is designed for the highly competitive world of B2B tech.

It’s not just what we include in the program, it’s also how we put the program together, the order and timing, that delivers the results each of our clients is looking for.

10Fold’s integrated approach to communications includes a number of modular programs from umbrella Influencer Relations strategies to Analyst and Media Relations, and the pairing of Content Creation and Social Media strategies that drive coverage, awareness and outcomes. Beyond these core services, we address client needs for Messaging and Media Training, as well as our proven approach to delivering a Customer Validation (Heroes) programs built from a true marketing perspective. 10fold’s award-winning Video Production company and talent is also available to ensure objectives and messaging remain integrated, no matter the medium or channel.

Analyst Relations

For B2B technology companies, it is all about creating competitive advantage from the analyst community perspective. The industry’s most influential analysts play a strategic role in helping 10Fold clients differentiate their technology and business models. 10Fold knows analysts are distinctly different than the media, and require a different information and program strategy.

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Content Services

With industry noise elevated to an all-time high, 10Fold knows it’s about what you say and how you say it! It’s one part technology expertise and one part content creativity. 10Fold’s arsenal of content includes technical white papers, blogs, social media posts, case studies, contributed articles, animations and video. Download this infographic from a 10Fold survey about content frequency trends.

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Media Relations

10Fold believes that an agency cannot produce great media results unless agency practitioners “speak” technology the way they speak media relations. Our account teams excel in developing technology storylines that adapt our clients’ new product technology and messaging to the varied needs of technology reporters and editors – from the veteran reporter/technologist to the novice who is charged with learning on the fly.

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10Fold believes the best messages help prospects easily identify with your solutions and differentiate from competitors. We take a 360-degree approach that includes audits with your executive team, prospects, customers and analysts. With this input, 10Fold creates a messaging blueprint that identifies your ideal customer, their pain points and how your competitors fall short.

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Social Media

Whether you are trying to attract recruits, increase customer awareness, drive sales, improve customer loyalty, or just tame the social media beast, 10Fold Communications’ comprehensive social media strategies help you identify, listen, engage, and monitor progress with your most important audiences. We create communities of your most important social media contributors from customers to competitors to industry experts. Are you hitting all the social media metrics you want? Read about how social auditing can improve your campaign!

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PR Programs

Whether it’s a visibility opportunity with a tech trade, vertical or business publication, we have the skills and connections to get you in the headlines. 10Fold has secured more than 5,504,000 articles for our clients. Our relationships run so deep that Fortune, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, CBS, NBC, Pando Daily and journalists have volunteered for the past four years to help our clients practice their pitch at our annual “Media SharkTank.

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Video Production

Led by Ross Perich, a former award-winning television anchor and producer for CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates, 10Fold develops creative video and animation to tell your story. We’ve invested in the filming and production equipment to deliver turn-key video and animation that supports your business.

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