How Do We Do It?

10Fold Communications is one of the largest independently owned, deep-tech B2B agencies in the United States

More than 60% of our business comes from people who’ve worked with us before. What’s more, we’ve made more than a few geeks famous. Our understanding of the industry and technology has won over industry influencers and investors – who recommend us because they know that we turn tech brands into unicorns. They know 10Fold will deliver results that count.

10Fold takes a bespoke approach to create the optimum strategy, then focuses on building and delivering critical communication assets. Since no two clients are the same, our communications programs adapt to fit you. You continue to be the chief geek, and we work with you on your terms – but we also apply our years of best practices.

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Your communications program designed by 10Fold is as unique as your business.  After all, no one wants to buy a cookie cutter comms program, and we make sure the ideas, the process, the messaging, and the timing deliver the results you expect.

10Fold’s integrated approach to communications includes a number of modular programs from digital personas and influencer relations strategies to Analyst and Media Relations.  We also address our client’s need to differentiate with messaging, spokesperson training, digital content strategies, among other services.

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Analyst Relations

For B2B technology companies, it’s all about creating competitive advantage within the analyst community. The industry’s most influential analysts play a strategic role in helping 10Fold clients differentiate their technology and business models, provide insights into industry dynamics, and make introductions to valuable prospects and potential partners. 10Fold knows analysts are distinctly different than the media, require a different communications strategy.  We go well beyond “scheduling briefings,” but instead provide ideas on projects and spend based on the firm and their unique offerings. 10Fold helps you get the most bang for your analyst program buck!

Analyst Relations | 10Fold

Content Services

When industry noise becomes deafening, count on 10Fold to help you be heard. We employ a unique mix of technology expertise and content creativity to craft technical white papers, blogs, social media posts, case studies, contributed articles, animations and videos. Download this infographic from a 10Fold survey about content frequency trends.

Content Services | 10Fold

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Media Relations

Technology media requires expertise from its contributors, and you can’t get great results without it. Our account teams excel in developing narratives that leverage our clients’ assets such as customers, innovators, researchers or technology accomplishments to help reporters write a compelling story.

Media Relations | 10Fold


10Fold believes the best messages help prospects easily identify with your solutions and differentiate from competitors. We take a 360-degree approach that includes audits with your executive team, prospects, customers and analysts. Then we evaluate how industry dynamics will demand a new reality. With this input, 10Fold creates a messaging blueprint that identifies your ideal customer, their pain points and how you outpace the competition.

Messaging | 10Fold

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Social Media

Whether you’re trying to attract talent, increase prospects at the top of your sales funnel, drive awareness, improve customer loyalty, or built employee cohesion, 10Fold’s got your back. Our comprehensive social media strategies help you identify, listen, engage, and monitor progress with your most important audiences. We can tell you what they post about, where they hang out on line, we can help you find look alike audiences, fill your webinar, generate new website visitors, and many, many other valuable programs. 

Are you hitting all the social media metrics you want? Read about how social auditing can improve your campaign!

Social Media | 10Fold


PR Programs

Whether it’s a visibility opportunity with a tech trade, vertical or business publication, we have the skills and connections to get you in the headlines. 10Fold has secured more than 5,504,000 articles for our clients. Our relationships run so deep that Axios, Financial Times, Fortune, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, TechCrunch, CBS, and NBC journalists have volunteered since 2010  to help our clients practice their pitch at our annual “Media SharkTank.

PR | 10Fold

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Video Production

10Fold develops creative video and animation to tell your story in a way today’s buyers want to consume information. We’ve invested in the filming and production equipment to deliver turn-key video and animation that supports your business needs, whatever they may be.

Video | 10Fold

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We have the skills and the smarts to help you excel.