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"10Fold gave us strategic guidance and insight on how to direct a highly successful survey program which resulted in some great national media wins, widespread recognition and a data-driven asset we were able to leverage across all aspects of our business. They helped us see the big picture and recognize the value of participating at the forefront of conversations in the media on the emerging IoT, connected home and smart device market. By highlighting pain points and offering actionable solutions, we were able to capitalize on the booming connected device ecosystem to demonstrate true thought leadership and provide a temperature check on the marketplace. This differs drastically from the tendency many companies have in wanting to position survey programs along marketing talk tracks for short-term sales gains. With 10Fold’s guidance, we uncovered valuable insights for our clients, partners and company, as well as for all professionals and reporters in the markets we serve."

Robert Burke
VP Marketing, iQor

“Without 10Fold, we would not have the good problem we have today: more leads than we can process. We look forward to what the future holds as we continue to work with 10Fold this year.”

Jim Brear
CEO, Veriflow

"10Fold has a unique story-telling capability which resulted in dozens of major business press articles from the Wall Street Journal to Bloomberg, as well as production of an award-winning video that provided a dramatic opening before my keynote address at the Lincoln Center – not to mention generating tens of thousands of views on YouTube.”

Lisa Dolev
Founder and CEO, Qylur Intelligent Systems

“10Fold delivered and even exceeded our expectations by making our technology and value proposition consumable by a wide range of audiences, and by both technical and less technical media alike. Just one example says it all; even in our efforts to convey the richness of our story and the promise of our technology, we could not have expected a headline such as WIRED’s “Barefoot Networks’ Chips Will Transform the Tech Industry.’“

Ed Doe
VP of Product and Marketing, Barefoot Networks

“10Fold’s cybersecurity domain expertise and metrics-driven approach helped them win our business initially, but consistently surpassing both their metrics and our expectations has made remaining a client for over four years (and counting) a no-brainer. More than a valued partner, they are an extension of my team and their performance has earned them a level of trust that is rare amongst PR agencies.”

Rich Campagna
Chief Marketing Officer, BitGlass

We’re Fiercely Focused on the Metrics that Matter Most

The 10Fold team uniquely offers deep technology knowledge and advanced communications skills.  Even for the most complex tech brands, we develop content and maximize exposure, facilitate industry analyst outcomes, build social authority, and elevate thought leadership with industry, business and broadcast coverage.  We’ve made more than a few geeks famous, and we’re confident enough to guarantee it.


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Featured Case Study

Thought Leadership Strategy Seals the Deal for Silver Spring Networks Acquisition



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“Working with the 10Fold team, we quickly developed and began to execute on a thought leadership strategy that would elevate the Silver Spring Networks Brand by leveraging an integrated communications strategy. As a result, we catapulted our social authority, snagged the coveted Fortune Tech Brainstorm Keynote, and doubled our business press and broadcast coverage. With this brand validation, the company was acquired by Itron – a multi-billion dollar giant focused on Smart Cities.”

Marina Donovan
Former VP of Marketing, Silver Spring Networks
Current VP of Global Marketing and Public Affairs, Itron Inc.


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