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We’ve got your back, and you’ll always know where you stand.

MetricsMatter is about more than how many articles you’ve published. We ask deeper questions, evaluating business outcomes to make sure you’re engaging with your audience. That’s why your client experience with 10Fold begins with a deep-dive discovery session. We work with you to:

  1. Define goals and objectives
  2. Review industry trends and competitive moves that may influence campaigns
  3. Identify assets you may already have
  4. Create a strategic plan that maps to assets, trends and goals
  5. Outline campaigns with timing, deliverables and forecasted results
  6. Monitor and iterate
  7. Measure and report

We want to set you up to hit your personal and company KPIs, and that’s why metrics matter.

When 10Fold executes on the plan, we constantly monitor results against forecasts. That’s right, did we mention forecasting? It’s another thing that sets 10Fold apart from other agencies. We know what we can achieve, and we track against that.

We become your secret weapon, initiating conversations about what’s changed in your business and how that may position your company in the industry. From there, we suggest programs that we may want to change, or could be exchanged for another program investment that delivers more ROI.

You don’t have to wait for us to hand you a report – you’ll have media trackers and MetricsMatter dashboards that we update in real-time available to you via a secure portal that doesn’t leave you vulnerable to hackers. Transparent results, with access only a click away.



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Metrics That Matter to You


We understand.  You need qualitative metrics AND quantitative metrics. We measure what matters to you, and those metrics may change as the industry changes. No problem! Other agencies? They tend to have a rigid approach that doesn’t lend itself to forecasting or results.

10Fold’s MetricsMatter is more than a motto – it’s an entire ecosystem for providing results that align with our transparent processes, our forecasting and our measurement system. Here are a few of the factors we evaluate during forecasting:

  • Business objectives
  • Communications assets
  • Competitors
  • Industry dynamics
At 10Fold, transparency is different. See work in progress, including pitches and notes we use to deliver coverage, awards, speaking opportunities, influencer interactions and more. We’re an open book, so you can skip right to the good… Click To Tweet

We want you to trust us, but we know we have to earn it – MetricsMatter, and our transparency and guaranteed results build trust and relationships that continue with our clients throughout their careers. In fact, 60%of our clients have worked with us at least once before in a role at another organization.


MetricsMatter, but so do people. Meet our team.