Everything 10Fold does starts with objectives and a strategic plan.

The 10Fold team uniquely offers deep technology knowledge and advanced communications skills. We research options and trends to create a plan that covers both on-going programs and strategic initiatives. Plans include timing, assets, and associated KPIs – because we know that metrics do matter. Now we need your help to better refine our process!

Plans are worth nothing if they are not measured.

To us, it’s not just about doing research and coming up with a great plan—we love to track the metrics of the results! After we set a plan into motion, we’ll consistently measure the results of our efforts, allowing us to hone in on what does and doesn’t work. From there, we can tweak your plans, giving us the most efficient campaign as possible by maximizing the positives and minimizing the not-so-positives. This is vital to ensure that we deliver the best results to our clients, and it enables maximum impact on business. Metrics really do matter!

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