Prospectors, investors, and partners are largely evaluating your company based n its content. Publishing a series of white papers doesn’t cut it with today’s audiences. In fact, Dimensional Research reports that video, blogs, and social media are now the most popular content formats. But content format is not the only challenge, the content creator must have a strong understanding of your industry. That can be challenging with deeply technical solutions. 10Fold has a two-decade track record of successfully creating and amplifying content for even the most complex technical solutions.

Tech companies of all sizes are feeling the need to produce more content than ever before.  And only 10Fold has the unique ability to produce a wide range of content with technical and domain accuracy.  Our team has been producing content in video, long and short written pieces, blogs, social posts, and infographics for more than 15 years.  Our affordable content packages offer a healthy variety of formats – allowing you to appeal to a variety of audiences with a completely integrated message.  The best part is that by using 10Fold to produce your monthly content, your messages are accurately integrated and repeated across all your content each month– and you only have to tell us your story once.

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Survey Methodology

The new survey, 2017 Content Insights from U.S. Tech Marketing Execs, was conducted in the late Summer of 2017 by Dimensional Research, and targeted U.S. marketing executives working for technology companies that had budget and oversight authority for marketing content. A total of 176 marketing executives were qualified to complete the survey. Results were also analyzed based on the participant’s geography, the industries the companies sell into, and the size of company for which s/he works. For more information about assessing content value, publishing strategies based on selling into specific vertical industries, and content strategies based on size of company, please download the complete report here.