Big Data Horizons- Self Driving Cars, Rare Earth Mining

How BMW Uses Artificial Intelligence And Big Data To Design And Build Cars Of Tomorrow

“Car quality advanced by high tech processes”

AI and other data-driven predictive analysis technologies are helping BMW realize the cars of the future. The company is certain new technological advances will allow vehicles to pilot themselves soon, claiming that the current target for the firms ‘level 5’ autonomy cars (i.e., fully self-driving)should be marketable by 2021. For a manufacturing powerhouse such as BMW, this is quite an ambitious undertaking. BMW is certain that firms like Teradata will use modern technologies that will ensure the greatest efficiency in logistics and data flow while also performing at peak speed.

Scientists turn to big data in hunt for minerals, oil and gas

“Techniques from online retailers coming to rare mineral production”

A study released on Tuesday from the American Mineralogist has shown that rare earth miners are absorbing big data analytics to apply to exploration data. So far the techniques have already helped to discover 10 carbon-bearing minerals. The report elaborated on the big data inclusion in exploration practices; “Big data points to new minerals, new deposits.”

Big Data Gives Businesses the Nose for Smelling What’s Selling

“Big Data is turning into Big Business”

Largescale retailers like Sainsbury have huge swathes of its market share, and it uses big data analytics from billions of transactions to differentiate itself and help in compete in a increasingly competitive market. Andrew Day, CDO of DACE, is at the heart of the plan to help the firm use big data insights to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenues and much more.

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