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Big Data

A survey of 187 IT pros is proving that the 60 year old machine, a mainframe, has enough strength to beat the best mid-range cluster at big data. The use of big data in Africa is becoming more of a norm, but for them to be able to benefit fully from it they need more equipped workers. Redis, an open source, in-memory data structure server was originally created to solve a problem that required speed and simplicity, but now it is becoming more clear that it has many use cases for big data scenarios- primarily advanced by its extreme performance, simplicity and above all, versatility. Big data in general has become the new important and needed thing for companies to survive and thrive, this articles does a full overview of the different industries and how big data is advancing. Big data is continuing to grow and is advancing in several different industries below and above the surface.  For example, enterprises were the first to see the potential of big data analytics and new careers have been developed and even breakthroughs in the health, poverty and security industries have occurred. 

The ultimate answer to the handling of big data: the mainframe – ZD Net

Africa: The Big Data Challenge and How Africa can Benefit – All Africa

Redis: Setting Big Data on Fire – Inside BigData

Putting Big Data to Good Use- Today Online

Change we can expect as big data analytics take off – Smart Data Collective


The new 2016 Precision Medicine Initiative is going to receive $215 million in funding from the Obama administration, part of it will focus on piloting projects to investigate treatment of cancer.

Powering Personalization with Hadoop and Apache Spark – Smart Data Collective

Docker / Container

There were several announcements made at DockerCon Europe in Barcelona last week, one of the larger ones were Docker has announced a new on premise offering, Docker Universal Control Panel.

Docker readies its container for enterprise application – Jax Cener


There were a few articles focusing on Open Interconnected Consortium (backed by Intel Corp) acquiring and combining the technologies of Universal Plug and Play Forum. The combination of these groups will position OIC as an application-layer software stack for the Internet of Things. Ingenu is rolling out a new M2M network specifically geared towards IoT by the end of 2016. The network will use proprietary Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology. The well-established contactless mobile-service firm Connecthings is preparing to relocate from Paris to New York. It aims to transform the public’s urban experience by connecting smartphones to city services via NFC tags, QR codes, Wi-Fi and iBeacon management systems. With the help of IoT, online retailers can up their business even more for this upcoming the craziness of the holidays.

IoT Groups merge efforts – EE Times

A deal between standards groups cloud help make home IoT easier – Info World

OIC to Acquire assets of other IoT standard groups – eWEEK

Intel and friends assimilate smart home group in bid for IoT dominance – Silicon Angle

IoT- Dedicated networks beginning to roll out – Network World

How this French IoT Startup has designed on US Smart-city systems – ZD Net

The shopping mall of things: A Black Friday in the life of the IoT – IoT

Cognitive computing

According to a Mubadala top spokesperson, IBM is bringing cognitive technology to be a part of the DNA of businesses in all sectors in the UAE and the Middle East and North Africa.

Mubadala, IBM to bring Cognitive Computing to region – Gulfnews

Advanced Analytics

There are several new industries like travel sites, fantasy sport leagues and more that are making moves to create a deeper engagement with data insight with the use of advanced analytics.

Diving into Data: How to engage customers with advanced analytics – 1to1 Media


A helpful article on deciding which metrics would be most useful to you and your business for daily, weekly and monthly tracking to be able to make smart, data-driven decisions. Three helpful hints for businesses to supercharge their holiday ecommerce and to prepare for the predicted sales of $83 billion this year.

Google Analytics: Ecommerce metrics to track daily, weekly and monthly – Practical Ecommerce

3 tips for Supercharging your holiday ecommerce now – Small Business Trends

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