Fruitfly Surveillance Issues, Threat Hunters

Creepy ‘FruitFly’ Surveillance Malware Hits American Apple Macs

“Rare malware spread on mac draws attention”

What appears to be a slice of malicious code that has been affecting mac systems is being investigated by law enforcement agents as a targeted surveillance program. Ex-NSA analyst Patrick Wardle, now a researcher for Synack, has claimed that about 400 observable infections have occurred from the ‘FruitFly’ malware. Wardle further stated “I likely only saw a limited percentage of the total number of victims.”

Over 600 Malware Samples Linked to Chinese Cyberspy Group

“China linked firms has used more than 600 malware samples”

Chinese linked espionage group has been tracked by cyber security firms such as Lotus Blossom, Elise, and others have sampled hundreds of different malware programs in the last few years. Kaspersky Labs has released a report suggesting that some evidence indicates that this program could have been active since 2007. The state-sponsored threat group has mainly targeted military and government organizations in Southeast Asia.

Threat Hunters Analyze Trends in Destructive Cyber-Attacks

“Three primary trends noted”

Increasing incidences of cyber-attacks have several common traits; they are generally state sponsored, they are increasing,and are usually using nothing more than basic tools. Cybereason, a Boston MA-based threat hunting firm, has analyzed destructive cyber-attacks from the 1982 software-instigated explosion in a Siberian pipeline to the recent NotPetya and Industroyer attacks. Cybereason’s conclusions are not reassuring for industry.


“Increase of cybercrime increases the intensity”

Companies such as Pervade Software are exploring digital weapons that are intended to protect and recover their data. However, many experts are concerned that ‘vigilante’ tools like these may lead to hyper-active cyber attacks and damaging results for the internet.

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