10Fold’s Bart Tillmans Recognized as Finalist in 2017 FinancialForce 360 Awards

10Fold’s Vice President of Marketing and Operational Systems Bart Tillmans has been honored as a finalist in the 2017 FinancialForce 360 Customer and Partner Excellence Awards. Bart was selected for 2nd place in the ‘Exemplary Use of the Platform’ category, where he was pitted against hundreds of other capable contenders!

FinancialForce, the leading cloud ERP provider on the Salesforce Platform™, hosts the 360 Customer Excellence Awards to recognize outstanding customer achievements across all FinancialForce solution lines. The ‘Exemplary Use of the Platform’ category recognizes partners who use two or more FinancialForce solutions and have exhibited a strong belief in multi app usage as a game changer for the success of their work. Honored contestants were those who demonstrated a vision for leveraging these applications across Salesforce Platforms.

Prior to 10Fold’s FinancialForce implementation, 10Fold had 50% project allocation and utilization visibility. This quarter we closed with 85% project predictability, a 35% improvement! Last year we ran our financial model with a 64% labor cost, and this year we’ve run labor on the industry standard 52 percent of revenue. In the PR and marketing industry, these improvements are dramatic, and enhance our competitive edge.  This would not be impossible without an integrated solution from Salesforce and FinancialForce that is both flexible and robust.

Below is Bart’s plan for facilitating FF and SF processes into 10Fold’s systems.

Bart Tillmans has been a valued 10Fold team member since September of 2014 when he joined as Vice President of Marketing and Operational Systems, and was previously consulting with us in marketing and Client Channel Development projects. With over two decades of marketing expertise in both domestic and international positions, Bart specializes in creating high velocity marketing programs for both 10Fold and our clients that promote swift and sustained visibility. As channel go-to-market expert he is also a seasoned expert in transforming direct vendor messaging to go-to-partner solution selling enablement programs.

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