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Microsoft Azure to Feature New Big Data Analytics Platform

“Wipro and Microsoft have collaborated on parts of the solution”

Wipro announced that its big data analytics platform will be offered on Microsoft Azure. The company released the following statement:

“Together, Microsoft and Wipro have built an industry sector-specific apps ecosystem on the Data Discovery Platform,” said Pallab Deb, vice president and global head of analytics at Wipro. “Today, the platform is a significant enabler of analytics-led digital transformation delivering Analytics-as-a-Service to organizations. We believe that this is a reflection of the Wipro Data Discovery Platform’s maturity and Microsoft’s confidence in the prowess of this platform.”

More U.S. companies push back on foreign must-store-data-here rule

“ launch partnership with Baidu”

Ecommerce giant has recently launched a strategic partnership with search powerhouse Baidu in a bid to help brands target consumers more effectively. The partnership will utilize the big data, AI and large user base both companies can leverage to create a better ecommerce experience for both consumers and advertisers.

The partnership comes at a significant time for both companies. Baidu is investing heavily in AI technology and applications as it looks to strengthen its position as an AI-first company, while is looking to increase its market share in the ecommerce market as it gains ground on rival Alibaba.

Anthem taps retail industry for data analytics expertise

“Retail adept at creating personalized experience for consumers”

Anthem is taking steps to emulate seamless customer service like the retail sector as the sector moves more towards a service-oriented industry, allowing a more consumer friendly service moving forward. Patrick McIntyre, Anthem’s senior vice president of healthcare analytics, spoke with HealthITAnalytics about the move “I would say about 70% or 80% of our data science department was actually brought in from the retail industry.”


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