solutionary logo, company nameSolutionary was a managed security services provider (MSSP) dedicated to delivering global threat intelligence with comprehensive security monitoring and device management services to protect traditional and virtual IT infrastructures, cloud environments and mobile data.

While it had been in business for four years and had thousands of customers, Solutionary was not well-known among the cybersecurity media and had done little if any public relations activities. Its main competitor was Verizon and its security services, well-known for its highly anticipated annual reports on data breach investigations.

In conversations with 10Fold, Solutionary executives said they wished to enhance the company’s visibility in the market to increase demand-generation and sales leads.


Through its communications discovery process, 10Fold found that Solutionary accumulated trillions of security log data files from its customers. The agency recommended that the company use its in-house data to create an annual report analyzing the cyberthreats facing enterprises and governments.

By delivering unique, valuable data to the market, Solutionary could jump-start its PR program and create instant visibility and credibility in the industry. 10Fold would also assist in the creation of the initial report to ensure the data was aligned with media interests.

In addition, 10Fold would launch an aggressive media relations program responding to the latest cybersecurity threats with Solutionary executives providing expert commentary and leveraging the report data when relevant.


Through 10Fold’s recommendation and guidance, the 50-page Solutionary Global Threat Intelligence Report was immediately embraced by the media, becoming a highly anticipated industry report of its own. Coverage topped over 500 articles in the report’s first year, with inclusion in top media outlets such as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and CSO. Security Week engaged with 10Fold and the company to create an ongoing blog series while the report generated more than 1,000 sales leads for the Solutionary in its first year.

Also, in the wake of the report, NTT, the world’s largest global IT and telecommunications services company, decided to acquire Solutionary. NTT continues to create and distribute the report annually.


  • 223 business and trade media articles secured
  • 200 more articles on company than all previous coverage

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