Five Best Practices for Building Customer Champions

Here at 10Fold we understand the importance of building customer champions to support our client’s marketing and PR programs. Working with customers to support PR efforts can be tricky, so our VP, Fran Lowe, shares her best practices for turning customers into champions for the Company.

  1. Let the customer know PR opportunities often have mutual benefit. Bes sure to emphasize your customer’s successes and their overall value. This assures the customer that this isn’t a favor for you, but increases brand awareness and value for their business as well.
  2. Agree upon (upfront) the number of instances, and the types of opportunities that your customer will be used as a reference. Some customers prefer to reserve references until they have fully implemented your solution.
  3. Draft a quote that your target can both edit and review within the context of the release that will be published. Understandably, many people may not feel comfortable with making general statements that are easily manipulated in scenarios where they feel it may not apply to your performance. In order to avoid confusion and maintain trust between you and your customer, establish authenticity by giving full context in which their testimonial will be used.
  4. Assure your customer that you will protect them in the process. For example, they should not be used as a reference unless they have the authority to do so. In the event that your contact is not authorized to offer a reference, ask who may be authorized to be a reference and ask for an introduction
  5. If no one is willing or able to speak on the record about your company, determine if they would be open to speaking to media or an analyst while staying anonymous. Some reporters will use anonymous quotes and take customer details anonymously on background to strengthen a story.

PR that features customers will often generate increased business for your company as well as your customer’s company.  Using Fran’s simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to building customer champions!

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