How 10Fold Used a Single Social Media Campaign to Sell Multiple Industry Sectors on a New Mobile Broadband Innovation

Digital campaigns require tremendous skill and expertise. It’s a big task to create compelling, targeted messages for a company and optimize the nurture stream for lead generation and engagement. Now imagine doing that for a whole coalition of companies – including custom messages and segmented outreach for multiple industry verticals – to advocate for a new kind of technology that many people have never heard of! 

That was the task for 10Fold during a recent engagement with the OnGo Alliance, a consortium of member companies collectively advocating for the adoption of OnGo as a new way to customize mobile broadband for a wide range of business applications. The LTE-based and 5G OnGo technology allows organizations to tailor mobile broadband connectivity to highly specific use cases and business needs – such as Private LTE, neutral host and Industrial IoT systems.   

By early 2021, the OnGo Alliance had developed key messaging and collateral around OnGo’s value across multiple industry verticals such as education, retail, healthcare, transportation and others. The OnGo Alliance was in need of a PR partner with the acumen for an advanced social media campaign – one that could support industry-segmented, tailored outreach and lead generation to promote OnGo’s value proposition and two tentpole pieces of collateral in support of this. 

Advanced Digital Strategy  

OnGo chose 10Fold for the project based on our strong track record in social media engagement and our designation as a Certified HubSpot (Gold) partner – given that HubSpot would be the platform of choice to draw traffic and convert leads. 

A big misconception about HubSpot is that it’s all automated to the point of being turnkey. The reality is that there’s a fair amount of customization and nuanced adjustments needed to make optimal use of this platform. 10Fold leveraged its expertise as a Certified HubSpot (Gold) partner to tailor the nurture stream for a fine grain level of insight into contacts and how best to approach them. This included dynamic adjustments to messaging and CTAs to drive audiences toward gated assets and ongoing engagement. 

In addition, given the range of industry verticals and diverse stakeholder needs, an advanced A/B testing strategy was needed to optimize the campaign messaging and CTAs on an ongoing basis. 10Fold strategized a hybrid blend of paid and organic A/B testing. Using our domain expertise to place heavy emphasis on cost-effective organic testing, we limited paid A/B testing to only 3 or 4 variables – roughly half of what a typical campaign might require. This saved resources and made it easier to scale daily spend based on earlier results. 

One Campaign, Multiple Verticals 

The OnGo Alliance needed a digital campaign tailored to the realities of a coalition of nearly 200 member companies spread across a range of industry sectors. 10Fold coordinated messaging and streamlined the signoffs needed to efficiently generate and approve vertical-specific content. 10Fold also emphasized nurture skills vs. cold list engagement to take advantage of the high percentage of relevant and qualified leads found in existing contact lists created from event registrations. 

Industry-specific messaging and CTAs were required to spur interest and downloads of two valuable pieces of collateral – a comprehensive deployment guide and a “For Dummies” branded ebook for using OnGo.  To help with this and maximize demand generation, 10Fold employed segmented lists tiered to key verticals for lead capture and customized follow-up. 

The project was a strong success across channels that included the main HubSpot campaign and continuous promotion of the deployment guide, For Dummies ebook and a related webinar on Twitter and LinkedIn. This included unique UTM codes for each post to calculate traffic.  

Powerful Results 

Overall results included more than 1,250 collateral downloads, 900+ high value industry contacts generated and 175 registrants for an OnGo Alliance webinar. The top performing posts for the deployment guide and OnGo For Dummies ebook were 5% and 7.93% CTR, respectively. And superior industry metrics included an impressive 67.5% conversion rate (vs. 2.4% industry average) for the ebook; and a 29.1% email open rate (vs. 18% industry average) and 4.2% Click Rate (vs. 1.2% industry average). 

Ultimately, the social media outreach campaign was able to help the entire OnGo Alliance coalition spread the word about OnGo technology, its use cases, and its tremendous business opportunities. With 10Fold’s help, the Alliance succeeded in optimizing the nurture stream for lead generation and engagement, with custom messages and segmented outreach for multiple industry verticals.  

The success of this engagement shows the power of advanced social media strategies to drive compelling messages to a wide range of new and receptive audiences. The tremendous skill and expertise 10Fold was able to help OnGo Alliance pave the way for adoption of OnGo as an innovative approach to maximizing mobile broadband for a growing range of industry applications and use cases. 

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