“In the Fold” – Jordan Tewell

What is something you have learned this past year at 10Fold that has aided your success? 

I’ve continued to get better and better at new business pitches. Being able to quickly build credibility with prospects and sell big ideas has helped me foster better relationships with existing clients and secure more opportunities with the media. 

What do you hope to learn in the next year? 

I’d like to dive deeper into a new technology domain. I’ve already gained lots of great experience in several different segments – big data, networking, semiconductors, storage – I’m looking forward to building new expertise in another emerging technology. 

What was your favorite team activity in the last year? 

It has to be the haunted tour of Austin last summer. Lots of great history and anecdotes. The tour guide was perfect – informative, funny and able to handle any curveballs that downtown Austin threw at her. 

What was your favorite accomplishment you had with a client over the last year? 

Probably securing a big Wall Street Journal feature for one of our semiconductor clients. You have to work business press for a while to build a relationship and establish credibility. It was very rewarding to see it finally pay off.

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