In the Fold – Mark Button

What is something you have learned this past year at 10Fold that has aided your success?

No matter how long you work in the PR and marcomms industry, it’s continually evolving. New channels, new tools, new editors, new clients and so on. GenAI I think has helped us, especially when researching information, data, suggestions and so forth. It’s another tool to our armory that will make us work smarter, as long as we are conscious of how we’re training it and using it to add value. MetricsMatter has also helped me (as part of the wider team) to really showcase tangible value in the work we do. Evaluation and putting translational values on media has been a pain in the derriere for as long as I’ve been in PR (28 years this year, whoosh!). With MetricsMatter, we now have a platform that is further developed through AI… and really, the possibilities I find exciting.

What do you hope to learn in the next year?

Always looking to learn more about our clients, explore new ways of storytelling and upleveling their messaging, and how we leverage emerging technology to add more depth, context and measurability to our work.

What was your favorite team activity in the last year?

Media Sharktank was an amazing event. It showed the mutual respect that the agency, our clients, and our media colleagues have for each other, but that there’s also friendship underpinning everything. That was so nice to see – it reminded me that we’re all just people trying to figure life out and be the best version of ourselves. However, I think the San Diego Christmas dinner was just lovely. So nice to sit down with everyone in a great eatery and chat, laugh, eat and drink. A wonderful end to 2023. It’s such a close knit, supportive team at 10Fold and that stems from Susan down. Show up, work hard, have fun, grow as a person and a practitioner. It’s very special.

What was your favorite accomplishment you had with a client over the last year?

This is a tough one. It’s not so much a single definitive accomplishment, more how the 10Fold teams that I’m in have positively moved clients forward, becoming a critical and valued function within their operations. Strengthening those bonds, both with clients and media, because when you get down to the core of what we do, it’s all about relationships. Understanding the needs to our media friends, and making sure our clients exceed them.

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