10Fold Media SharkTank 2017 – Mastering the Art of Your Business Pitch

Formulating a flawless media pitch is especially critical to differentiate in today’s over-statured deep tech market.  Companies understand that learning how to attract and garner attention from the business and broadcast media is foundational to attracting venture capitalist attention.  However, the gap between pitching your company (as you see the industry) and crafting a pitch that will garner attention is large.  Many executives get their shot at pitching The Wall Street Journal, only to come up empty handed – with no article.  What’s worse, most have no idea why they didn’t get the story.

10Fold holds a night of opportunity to remedy just these kinds of challenges each year.  In fact on Thursday, October 12, 2017 10Fold will host our Seventh Annual Media SharkTank and Charitable Event – with proceeds supporting the local charity, San Francisco Baykeeper.  The event is designed to help companies learn what the top tier business press really want from a pitch and what makes a good story. With Media SharkTank, 10Fold has created an environment where the media can provide feedback to entrepreneurs about their pitch – helping them to portray their vision in a short, succinct manner to those who matter most. The event is chalked-full of the who’s who in broadcast and business media. From San Francisco Correspondent of the Financial Times Hannah Kuchler, to technology journalist and editor at Fast Company Sean Captain, alongside several other expert panelists.

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Each year executives come away with a refined 3-minute pitch, stronger media networks and the satisfied feeling of supporting a worthy charity. Last year alone SharkTank raised $15,000 for San Francisco Baykeepers!  Media enjoy the event because they get the opportunity to hear new stories that they don’t often have the time to listen to.  Most of the “sharks” have supported the event for four or more years.

So, as Woody Allen says, “Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” Come master the art of your business pitch, receive constructive feedback in a private environment, and strengthen your story with the best of the best. We’ll see you at this year’s SharkTank! You can find the registration form here.

By Lauren Lloyd

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