SharkTank 2017 – Build Relationships with Press from NBC, Reuters, The Financial Times & More

Media coverage is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a wide audience and educate the public about your company, product or innovative idea. What feels better than seeing your company – your pride and joy – highlighted as a top story on NBC or Fast Company? Simply speaking, not much. However, catching a reporter’s eye these days is proving very difficult, especially since the pool of media at these top tier publications is rapidly diminishing. So, how do you stand out amid today’s over-saturated group of startups and established companies? We think Media SharkTank is a great solution.

Media SharkTank, now an annual event that started seven years ago, has become a highly regarded institution among the business and broadcast media, connecting them to companies across a broad range of tech industries with innovative stories. 10Fold understands that a lack of media coverage doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have an interesting story – sometimes it’s a matter of conveying the right things in a succinct manner. As a participant in Media SharkTank, you’ll have access to the top journalists responsible for B2B technology industry coverage. Beyond just connecting, SharkTank uniquely gives you the opportunity to receive coaching on your 3-minute business pitch from the reporters you want to cover you most.

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“Media SharkTank is a great event for any executive who wants to develop a story that will appeal to the business and broadcast press. I don’t know of any other venue where this level of inside access is available,” said Susan Thomas, CEO of 10Fold. “It’s exciting and rewarding to watch executives walk out of a session with a massively improved story – and equally thrilling to see these new stories get top tier coverage.”

We hope you’ll join the many executives that walk away with a refined business pitch, and are able to score those awesome big stories.

Are you interested in participating? You can find the registration form here!

By Lauren Lloyd

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