Summer Fri-YAYs Give 10Fold Team more Fun in the Sun!

After a year of being locked down in the middle of a pandemic, most of us went a little stir crazy – including me! 10Fold is taking measures to combat the burnout of 2020. As we ease back into a somewhat normal life, we have added a new perk to help our team adjust to the “new normal”.

For our full-time employees, we have added “Summer Fri-YAYs” to give our employees a few extra hours on Fridays, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This gives our team a few extra hours in the weekend to do fun things we all missed out on last year, such as:

  • More time with family
  • Some well-deserved extra “me time”
  • Going to the beach or lake
  • Hiking, camping or just enjoying the great outdoors
  • Marking those important personal and household chores off the list

Here are some great examples of how employees have started taking advantage of the extra time:

Susan Thomas, CEO

I’m very excited to start my weekend a little earlier on Friday because both of my girls are leaving for college in August. We’ll be able to squeeze in some fun bonding time to go shopping, play tennis, take trips to the beach and plan dinners in towns on the coast.

Sophia Xepoleas, Account Manager

Having those few extra hours gives me time to get a few things done around the house before I head into the weekend. That way I can fully enjoy my time off over the weekend and I don’t have to worry about any miscellaneous chores that need to be done. And those weeks I’m ahead of my weekly to-dos, I’ll be able to go down to the driving range and hit a few balls to decompress before I dive into any other plans. Those few hours are perfect for ‘me time’ during an already hectic time. This summer, I plan on going camping as much as possible. After being indoors so much, I crave the outdoors and try my best to get outside when I can. On my list this summer are Yosemite and Kennedy Meadows. Can’t wait!

Emily Ashley, Account Manager

“Summer Fridays allow me to spend more time with my new bundle of joy, Aiden. This means more walks to the park, pool time and sharing laughs over “drinks” (aka bottles of formula). On my bucket list this summer is an outdoor concert!”

Diana Gallagher, Senior Account Executive

“Summer Fridays let us have a more relaxing Friday once we’ve finished all of our work for the week. Plus, it helps to have more time to get to the airport when I’m going on a weekend trip! I want to get in yoga classes as much as possible this summer and going on trips to San Diego, Orange County and Austin!”

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