Three Interesting Use Cases of AI That Will Have You Believing We Are In The Future

It’s official, we are beginning to witness the early stages of the inevitable Artificial Intelligence boom, which is slated to revolutionize multiple products and services across all industries. AI isn’t a new concept, but up until recently we lacked the resources and technology to utilize it effectively. With our growing collection of Big Data along with technological standards being pushed further each year, AI is becoming a lot smarter, and we are seeing it reach limits we only dreamed about in science fiction. Today we will examine three interesting use cases of AI that will have you believing we are living in the future.

The Health Care Kiosk

The NBA Summer League has stepped up its game up with the addition of the Connexion kiosks from Fusionetics and Aspire Ventures.

Stepping into the Connexion kiosk is unlike anything you have experienced before. The kiosks are filled with IoT Sensors, cameras, and other technologies that are able to collect data on a vast number of health-related things creating a 4D picture of the user’s health. By collecting data, the kiosks can process the information taken in by the sensors and provide unique recommendations for the user through the use of powerful AI technology.

For the NBA Summer League, Aspire Ventures Chief of Products Mike Monteiro says “let’s say their arms move out as they squat or their arms fall forward as they squat—they have a system that can translate that into an understanding of what imbalances or weaknesses they have in their body and then, based on that, they build a personalized training program specifically designed to help you accommodate for those weaknesses and address those imbalances.”

In short, the Connexion Kiosk AI can be used to show athletes where their weaknesses are, and provide unique and custom recommendations for each person.

Monteiro continued to describe the future of the Connexion Kiosk which he believes will be able to possess non-invasive biometric sensors to track hydration levels, respiratory levels, and even electrolyte levels.

An AI machine like Connexion has the potential to revolutionize the sports industry, giving teams a competitive advantage by streamlining operations, and helping trainers select athletes, prevent future injuries, and maximize performance potential.

The AI Cyber Battle of 2017
Humans aren’t the only ones boxing each other anymore. Earlier this year, security researchers hosted and participated in the Darpa Cyber Grand Challenge, which pitted several AI bots against each other.

This battle worked by having the bots play offense and defense, trying to stop cyber-attacks from other bots while also fighting back. Basically, the bots would repair their security flaws and try to stop the hacking, while also attacking the other bots at the same time. The last bot standing would be declared the victor.

However, the point of this conference wasn’t just to watch these security bots fight each other and name a champion. The conference was a chance for researchers to help gather more information and insights as to how they can improve their own AI security systems. In the words of well-known hacker Mike Walker, “A Grand Challenge is about starting technology revolutions.”

By understanding how their bot’s security measures were exploited, engineers could get back to the drawing board to create new defensive coding, strengthening the AI for later and actual cyber-attacks.

Recipes from Chef AI

It’s after work, you’re scrolling through Instagram, and you see a beautiful image of a dish unknown to you. You check the description to see if any  information on the dish is listed: name, ingredients, recipe; but there’s nothing besides some useless hashtags.

Pic2Recipe! is planning to help you with the use of AI. The website, created by MIT student Nick Hynes, allows users to upload images of food and receive information on the dish. This is done through AI that can understand the uploaded food photo, and provide users with all information on the dish. From the name of the dish to popular recipes, Pic2Recipe is planning on getting you into a chef’s hat to cook up a new meal.

As of right now, Pic2Recipe! is a developing product which still has its struggles identifying some dishes, like smoothies and other blended products. However, with continued growth, it looks to be an extremely popular web application.

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