10 Tips for PR Interns and Recent Grads

With summer approaching fast, many college students and recent grads are embarking on their first internships and jobs in public relations. At Trainer Communications, many employees have started their careers from past internships and have worked their way up the ladder.  Here are ten tips accumulated from our past interns blogs and what we’ve learned:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

This may sound simple, but often we forget the knowledge and experience our colleagues have that can help, whether it be a media list or expertise in a specific subject.

Set deadlines and expectations.

When you’re assigned a task, be sure to ask your manager when they need it and clarify what they what expect. Asking questions also applies here!

Attend industry events.

Industry events are a great opportunity to engage with clients and learn more about the industry.

Hone your researching skills.

As an intern, you will be conducting a majority of the research needed for your team to help with pitching and award/events. Cision, Meltwater, and Google will become your best friends!

Always be ready and willing.

Here at Trainer you learn the processes and then jump right in. Of course, no one is going to shove you in the fire and wish you the best of luck—questions are always encouraged and support is always provided. Just be ready to learn the traits to make you successful, and be willing to take on even the toughest challenges.

If you want to be part of something, ask!

Trainer definitely offers a wide variety of client services. When a past intern offered to help cut videos, it landed her on the video production team. Her willingness to contribute also provided the opportunity to help coordinate Trainer’s Media SharkTank event, providing tactical support for social media in addition to her daily duties on the security team. In her own words, ” I’m telling you, ask.”

Take time for yourself.

This is important, regardless of level and key part of Trainer’s culture. They encourage you to close the laptop, step back, and take a break. As a past intern states, “If my colleagues didn’t remind me to pack up for the day, take lunch, or ask me to take a walk around the pond, work would be a lot harder.”

Our first priority is to learn.

Most importantly, just know that you don’t have to take on the world at the beginning. It’s called the start for a reason. In the words of one of our account managers, “success is measured by the progress and growth as a professional.”

Voice your opinion.

The culture at Trainer allows young professionals to positively express opinions and, more importantly, makes you feel like you belong.

Develop relationships with your colleagues.

Not only does it make your PR internship more fun, but also opens for the doors for more opportunities to come!

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