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Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Big data continues to be an anti-trust issue after the European Union’s Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager argued that data by tech firms, most notably those with US headquarters, are competitively harmful. Vestager believes that with only a few companies controlling the data needed to satisfy customers and cut costs, then they will have the power to drive rivals out of the market.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Big data has affected many industries recently including the US legal system. The US legal system generates a huge amount of data with an average of 350,000 new cases brought to US courts annually. The first big data tools that have become available to lawyers generally focuses on billing, time management, marketing and customer relations functions. Digitalization and big data will undoubtedly bring large benefits to the legal profession in the future- freeing up mountains of case files in filing cabinets.

​How Big Data is Disrupting Law Firms And the Legal Profession – Forbes

When did Big Data become an Anti-trust issue? When a European Commissioner decided it is – Diginomica


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona is just five weeks away. When the doors open there will be progress reports on upcoming 5G wireless standards, an explosion of wearables, and plenty of excitement around the IoT. IoT will have a significant presence at MWC, especially in discussions. The topics that matter most revolve around standards for the devices and the wireless frequencies on which they’ll transmit their data.

Mobile World Congress 2016: 5G, IoT And Politics On Tap – Informationweek


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Over the last 24 months we have seen Bitcoin emerge as mainstream. This transition is largely due to the acceptance of currency by influential eCommerce sites such as Lord & Taylor, Virgin Galactic, and NewEgg. But the announcements by these companies were dwarfed shortly after when Dell, and Apple announced they would be accepting Bitcoin.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 eCommerce startups have not have the easiest season with recent signs of strain. Online retail has been Amazon’s playground with everyone else playing in the dirt. Recently Boxed Wholesale, which sells Costco-sized groceries and household goods online and via mobile, just nabbed $100 million in financing, defying both the odds facing eCommerce startups and a sharp downturn in investors’ mood. This may attract a new audience from Amazon’s playground.


eCommerce at Large Coming Around to the Idea of Bitcoin – Cryptocoins News

Exclusive: Boxed, The E-Commerce Startup For Costco-Sized Order, Nabs $100M From Investors – Forbes


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Mirantis’s OpenStack training courses surged in popularity in 2015, a likely sign of increasing adoption of the open source computing platform. Mirantis launched OpenStack training in 2012. In the past year its program expanded to include two new courses, fifteen additional locations and 5,000 students. Training doesn’t mean organizations are adopting the open source cloud computing platform at a higher rate but that engineers are interested in learning OpenStack, whether or not employers are deploying it.  It’s likely that more demand for training means higher OpenStack adoption especially because Mirantis’ training is designed to be vendor-agostic.

Mirantis: Demand for Open Source OpenStack Cloud Training Surged in 2015 – The Var Guy

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