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Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 eWeek presents 8 helpful big data tips that will be beneficial to the organization and the overall process of using big data in a meaningful way.

 Data security has been a topic of discussion recently.  Companies are realizing how vital security is for big data.

MapR is coming out with a new project that is being seen as the world’s most ambitious big data project. It is aiming to collect, store and utilize biometric information from a population of over a billion people. The project is called Aadhaar, and is essentially a form of identification to eliminate the issue of false identities and prevent resulted fraud in financial transactions.

8 Big Data Turkeys and How to Keep them From Giving you Heartburn – eWEEK

Five Factors for Evaluating Big Data Security Analytics Platform – Tech Target

Big Data opportunities need big data security – Security Intelligence

MapR and Big Data in the World’s Largest Biometric Database Project – Forbes

Docker / Container

Cisco launched an open source project called Contiv that is focused on building technology that automates the use of security, storage and networking in cloud-based containerized applications.

Cisco launches open tech for containerized applications – Tech Target


The future of the IoT. What is next?

IoT is growing in different kinds of industries , including healthcare. A good example from the article below focuses on how IoT is helping the health care packaging industry.  Rather than using the generic Monday through Sunday pill holders that people forget to take, there is IoT-type solution that replaces those containers. They are linked up to a cloud-based app to which a patient and their doctor can input the information for reminders to take the medication at specific times.

Ericsson and Orange have joined forces to improve their indoor coverage, reduce IoT device cost and extend battery life through the use of GSM and LTE.

The Future of the Internet of Things is Amazing, if we Don’t Muck it up – Huffington Post

IoT packaging can help healthcare industry save $10 billion annually – Tech Republic

Ericsson, Orange Unite to trial IoT over LTE/GSM – CBR

Cognitive Computing

A video that Loop Al Labs launched of Loop Cognitive Computing Platform shows us a solution that will power unsupervised machine intelligence to applications and devices across a variety of industry domains, ranging from healthcare to retail.

Loop Al Labs Cognitive Computing platform – InsideBigData


With the holiday season starting tomorrow, companies are in need of strong email marketing strategies. This article focuses on 5 helpful tips for a business’s marketing campaign.

A password management firm, Dashline, has come out with a reported named “Ecommerce Security Roundup” that proves that 72% of sites do not have a good security system for their customers

Top 5 Email marketing strategies to boost your E-commerce conversions – Brains SINS

Report finds 80 percent of e-Commerce sites thee holidays fail a password security check – Silicon Angle

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