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Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Tech Target’s 2015 Annual IT Salary and Career Survey shows that business Intelligence and big data professionals are relatively upbeat about their current positions and their prospects for the future.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Since big data is being seen as a corporate asset, technical and managerial challenges are becoming very real for businesses that are using big data.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Big data is on its way to completely change the look of marketing. It now allows target messages to be delivered to customers segments (according to specific personal and media preferences set by the customer).

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Now, websites are able to track analytics of peoples selfies. It can give them information on how to make the selfies better, how to make their online dating profile better, and even whether or not getting a degree is worth their time.

Survey: BI and big data professionals ahead of peers on pay – Tech Target

Big Data is now a key management issue – CXO Today

Managing Big Data Challenges– I Crunch Data News

Big Data, An insight into evolving Market – Industry Leaders

What Big Data can tell you about online dating, selfies and daily life – Vulcan Post


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IBM’s BigInsight is offering organizations the opportunity to deploy Hadoop in the cloud.

Gaining Business Advantage with Hadoop as a service – DBTA


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 There were several articles about Verizon’s announcement of U.S availability of chipsets for IoT devices that can connect to its LTE Network at high speeds. Verizon also said it began a pilot with drone partner, PrecisionHawk.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IoT is predicted to generate the next economic big bang; however, that means that the stakeholders who could gain billions from the boom need to rally behind a common privacy standard that earns users trust.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 If IoT wants to harness and fulfill its potential, creating an IoT standard that allows for fluid data transmission is required.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Freescale just came out with a new chip that is as thin as a blade of grass. The chip has built-in security, and will give product designers more options for creativity.

Verizon LTE now available for IoT devices – Computer World

Verizon to expand IoT coverage to 200 countries – TeleCom land

A privacy standard for Internet of Things suppliers – Computer World

The brewing IoT Standard Battle – Seeking Alpha

That’s not a blade of grass – it’s a Freescale Internet of Things Chip – Venture Beat


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 This articles covers five new business models that are gaining pace in the Ecommerce world.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 4 Ecommerce trends that business shouldn’t ignore – now that the holiday season has started.

5 business models gaining space and poaching space in ecommerce – Tech Asia

4 Holiday ecommerce trends you can’t ignore – Chief Marketer

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