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Big Data

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 CRN  released their list of the 10 coolest big data startups of 2015.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15  Here are five big data metaphors that either hit the mark or are very far off.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 According to reports, about 90% of  data  today was created within the last two years. With so much data being produced, small businesses often believe they aren’t equipped to participate. They are incorrect.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 IBM is using big data to help Beijing combat its air pollution crisis using a data analysis platform called Green Horizons.

The 10 Coolest Big Data Startups of 2015 – CRN

5 metaphors for Big data and why they matter – Data Informed

How You can use big data in your small business – Smart Data Collective

How IBM Is using big data to battle air pollution in cities – Huffington Post Tech


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Another company has joined the efforts for long distance networks that cut the cost and power consumption of today’s cellular machine-to-machine networks.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Preliminary research has begun to understand how IoT will impact education.

IoT Networks Get New Rival– EE Times

The Internet of Things is about to Re-shape E-Commerce – Vision Mobile

IoT in Education: The Internet of School Things – Dataconomy


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Microsoft is calling their latest release of Cloudified System Center Configuration manager (ConfigMgr) a huge millstone in bringing the PC and server management software into the SaaS era.

Microsoft calls cloudified ConfigMgr “Most significant” Release yet – eWEEK


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Ecommerce marketers are using the insight from online shoppers to potentially improve conversation rates and marketing effectiveness.

10 FOLD ICON 15x15 Here are three key ways to focus on improving B2B ecommerce relationships.

Using ecommerce site search for Customer insights – Practical Ecommerce

3 ways to build B2B relationships with ecommerce – Practical Ecommerce


10 FOLD ICON 15x15 CustomerThink created seven habits of highly effective sales content – personalization came in as number two.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sales Content #2: personalization – CustomerThink

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