NBA Scouting, SME Applications with Big Data


“Sports analytics are changing the game”

New processes are paving the way for the future of sports scouting, demonstrated by teams utilizing film and scouting services such as Synergy Sports Technology to streamline the process of accessing and filtering information. The new tech provides metrics that show fans perceptions of possible recruits as well as the level of success draftees may have playing at the next level.

Interesting Big Data Trends In Brazil

“Brazil’s big data potential offers investors many new opportunities”

Specialization to various niches in Big Data firms are beginning to serve the local and international markets. Several examples are:

  • Precifica -real time monitoring of products and pricing
  • Big Data Corp –supports the decision making process of companies seeking to boost their online investments.
  • Navegg –online targeting based on audience analysis
  • Aentropico –a predictive analytics platform combining applied statistics with improved user experience to bring useful algorithms to non-tech users.
  • Webradar –analysis data and pinpoints issues that telecom companies need to address to improve customer satisfaction.

Big Data for Small Business: What to Look At and How to Use It

“Big data leads to Big Business”

Information is vital to the health of firms today, but bad data can be detrimental. It’s estimated that the U.S. alone loses $3.1 trillion and 35% of business revenue because of mis-management of data applications. t’s especially so for small-to-medium businesses that must get every possible inch of competitive advantage to attract customers. The main problem is the complexity of data analysis, as it is a process that is extremely difficult and requires specialized skills and workers.

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