Drone Hacking Concerns, Spam Rate Record

Army orders the removal of DJI drones, citing cyber security concerns

“National security risks cited”

A memo from the U.S. Army verified by Reuters advises that all operations involving  DJI drones “cease all use, uninstall all DJI applications, remove all batteries/storage media and secure equipment for follow-on direction.” Further into the memo the army outlines the greater cyber vulnerabilities associated with the DJI, and the discontinuation covers all of the relevant software and hardware related to the DJI products.

Big data breach unmasks Bloomberg chat room users

“Almost one thousands anonymous users unmasked”

This week a London investment firm has sent out a list of participants, including names and employers, of an anonymous Bloomberg chat room that had been breached sometime last month by cybercriminals. The breach is the largest for Bloomberg’s financial information firm, and led to the temporary shutdown of the metal and mining chat, among others.

Spam Rate Hits Two-Year High

“Emergence of specific malware likely to blame”

In July of this year the global spam rate has skyrocketed to the levels of March 2015, largely due to the emergence and spread of email malware from Symantec. Self-spread malware variants are the worst offenders, contributing to the 54.9% spam rate throughout the whole month.

Australian Information Commissioner commends Red Cross for data breach response

“Database backup of thousands of donors now deemed safe”

In October of 2016, many metrics relevant to thousands of donors had appeared publicly online. This prompted security concerns among thousands, fearing their sensitive information was put in jeopardy. Almost a year later in 2017, Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim concluded his investigation and claims that his confidence is now restored in the Red Cross and the security of its personal information stores.

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