Trump Hotels Data Breach

Trump Hotels caught up in data breach (again)

“Third breach in 3 years”

Trump hotels has yet again suffered another breach of sensitive systems. Last week the company released a statement on its website that it was affected by a cyberattack on Sabre Corp, which handles reservations for more than 36,000 properties. Hackers who profited from the attack won big; with access to credit card information, email addresses, names, phone numbers, and more. In total, 14 Trump properties were affected by the breach.

Watch out for this money stealing macOS malware which mimics your online bank

“Efforts to steal login details”

Apple Mac devices have been plagued by a recent strain of malware that mimicks major banking websites that steals login details from its victims. First found in May, OSX.Dok affected all of Apples’s older OS X operating processors. Check Point Software reports that the malware has been modified to infect macOS users.

This cheap password-stealing malware just added to your security headaches

“Ovidiy Stealer is disconcertingly cheap”

Credential stealing malware Ovidiy Stealer which first appeared last month is available for about $7 on the internet, giving a dangerously low entry point to cybercrime for novice criminals. The allegedly Russian program has been used to attack various targets globally.

Colorado Medicaid system data breach potentially exposed private information of 822 people

“Tech firm may have accidentally exposed patient data” 

Part of the ongoing Medicaid payment system fiasco has been the potential release of hundreds of peoples sensitive records. DXC technologies has said that a system glitch inadvertently leaked the data.

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