Medical Software Compromised, Parity Hack

Cyberattack on Medical Software Shows Industry Vulnerability

“Many doctors still can’t use proper transcription service”

Three weeks after a huge cyber security attack, many healthcare systems are not using the current transcription systems that may help to mitigate these attacks. Hospitals such as Beth Deaconness and Pittsburgh Medical Center have said that eScription, a Nuance staple product that allows users to dictate notes from the phone is still not functional.

Tor network will pay you to hack it through new bug bounty program

“Bug Bounty program announced”

The Tor Project has joined with HackerOne to undergo a bug bounty project open to the public. The goal is to find vulnerabilities that compromise the anti-surveillance network, a system of nodes and relays used to veil online activity.

Parity Hack: White Hat Group Drains $85 Mln As Company Fills Holes

“Massive hack continuing to cause issues”

The $34 million Ethereum hack from the Parity client of Gavin Wood continued into Thursday despite efforts to halt the attack. Reports have begun to surface on various social media sites of multimillion dollar compromises to Parity, and an official blog post subsequently confirmed a ‘security alert’ which is still ongoing.

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