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EU’s Copyright Reform Might End AI & Big Data Startups

“Industry watchers concerned”

Many industry leaders and entrepreneurs have stated their intentions to pull their activities outside of the European bloc if current copyright reform measures advance. According to Lenard Koschwitz of Allied for Startups, the most controversial aspect for affected fields is in regards to data and text mining programs. Many committees in the European Parliament have proposed that startups may only do these activities within three years until explicit permissionmust be obtained from its original sources.

Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan Donate $10M to Advance Health Using Big Data

“Spearheading Data Recycling research” 

Contrasting traditional research that recruits groups of patients and collects data from scratch, new research suggests that mining the millions of gigabytes of publicly existing data can yield great insights. Those who know where to look in health and medicine records can find them, all while protecting the privacy of the individuals whose records are being examined.

IBM Tames Big Data by Blending All-Flash Storage and Spectrum Scale Software

“Storage solution targeting big data workloads”

IBM enterprise customers will have access to insights with greater speed and with a new bundled storage solution. The software is Hortonworks Data Platform Certified and includes the EES and Spectrum Scale storage services and management processes, delivering data throughput rates that are 60% faster than previous products. The estimate is based on the 40GB per second maximum provided by the ESS GS6S array as compared to the ESS GS6 25 GB per second limit.

Before the Next Disaster Strikes, Get Better at Data Science

“Data invaluable tool to mitigate risk of asset failure”

Applied data science and advanced software can provide huge insights into machine health and help to foresee mechanical issues before they occur. This progressive data science is aiding industrial operating systems transition from reactive to proactive maintenance and compliance techniques, improving safety and saving money.

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