Big Data and Blockchain, Transportation Revolutions

When Blockchain Meets Big Data, the Payoff will be Huge

“Blockchain sweetspot will turn insights into tangible assets”

Blockchains will give greater confidence in the integrity of the data you see. Immutable entries, consensus-driven timestamping, audit trails, and certainty about the origin of data. Long term, we should expect to see an expansion of the concept of big data as data silos are converted to blockchain-enabled shared data layers.

Big Data could Revolutionise Transport, Right Now

“Future of transport is full of possibilities”

Superfast hyperloop systems, self-driving cars and other new technologies are showing promise to make us move faster and more efficiently than ever before. By implementing big data analytics, travel could be as simple as dialing in your destination as you leave home and reduce traffic, maximize responsiveness, and cut down overcrowding on public transit systems.

India Government to Nab Tax Evaders Through Big Data

“Indian government planning massive Big Data implementation”

The government of India is planning big data analytic information on individuals and corporate houses for income tax assessments. Starting in August, the government will collect statistics from bank sources, online transactions, and social media sites to match the spending and lifestyle patterns of a citizen with income declarations.  

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