29 Years In, the 10Fold Adventure Continues

This month marks a remarkable milestone – my 29th anniversary at 10Fold. What makes this truly special is the realization that I’ve spent half my life at this company. Three-quarters of my professional journey has unfolded within these (sometimes virtual) walls.

While working at 10Fold, I’ve raised four children, cared for my elderly mother for her final 12 years and built a network of hundreds of friends in the B2B technology world across the globe. My travels for 10Fold have taken me to multiple continents and dozens of countries. I’ve also had the privilege of employing hundreds of talented individuals.

At 10Fold, I’ve experienced triumphs and setbacks in equal measure. Here are four of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned along the way:

Lesson One: Perseverance and Adaptability are Key
In March 1995, I founded this company four and a half months pregnant. My desk was a spare kitchen table, and my equipment was a borrowed laptop. “Investing” in an AOL dial-up connection (yes, you read that right!) was my first business expense.

In those early months, I hustled as a consultant to build a client base. Before giving birth in mid-June, it became clear I needed help. Contractors came on board, but the lack of familiarity with my clients resulted in work requiring significant revisions. Long hours became the norm, and I juggled late-night feedings with client work. The support from contractors was appreciated, but hiring staff became an urgent need I realized thanks to the invaluable advice from a CEO group I joined.

Lesson Two: Embrace Continuous Learning
Two and a half years in, with a team of 12 talented women managing exciting clients, I felt a sense of control. That complacency proved to be my first misstep. The tech industry is in a constant state of flux and so must everything that surrounds it. My initial discomfort with change and my reluctance to relinquish control held me back. Admitting I didn’t have all the answers was difficult. Embracing the learning process and constantly seeking original approaches became the key to survival. I learned to predict success based on the quality of questions I asked in any given situation.

Lesson Three: Be a Change Champion
Over three decades at 10Fold, I’ve navigated three major economic downturns in the B2B tech sector, a challenging divorce, the departure of grown children and the joy of finding true love. The technology and business infrastructure I relied on when starting are now relics of the past. Job roles, salary structures, company handbooks and remote work policies have all been revised and updated countless times. I now anticipate change rather than fear it.

Lesson Four: Lead with Integrity
An old friend once told me, “You can’t please everyone.” Back then, I wasn’t sure I believed him. Now, I understand completely. Your priorities won’t always align with those of employees, clients or partners. Conflict is inevitable and sometimes, people move on. My guiding principle is to act with integrity in every interaction and keep my word. The trust built through high-integrity behavior has yielded wonderful rewards, relationships and opportunities for 10Fold.

Reflecting on my time at 10Fold (so far!), one word resonates most deeply: grateful. Grateful for the outstanding leadership that runs this company, grateful for the exceptional team that keeps our clients delighted, grateful for the innovative clients who make our work possible, the coaches that have helped me find my way through the years, the partners that have helped us create stronger solutions, the friendships forged, the countless opportunities, the invaluable lessons, the victories and even the setbacks and losses that have taught me even more than the wins. The adventure continues…

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