3 Key Qualities of Leadership

Many understand the advantages of a good leader, but few truly understand what it takes to be an effective and motivating director. This is related not only to success in work, but to one’s personal aspirations as well. Three qualities of compelling leaders are:

Exceptional Communication Skills

Communicating effectively with your team clearly illustrates your objectives as a business and allows their goals to be understood as well. At 10Fold, we have a daily huddle where we discuss industry trends and company news to make sure that each individual is on the same page and to share future plans for our business.  Scorecards are maintained to track the contributions each person makes, and we utilize a “No Secrets Policy” to confirm no one misunderstands company objectives. Transparency is our goal, with our leadership and team members.  

Being A Role Model

There are two types of guiding personalities; Bosses and Leaders. The former emphasizes their control over others and uses it to their benefit to complete a task. Thus breeds resentment and general disdain for the workplace. A leader, while still establishing themselves as a director for official activities, will also show reasonability and listen to their subordinates. Simply giving advice and constructively advising your team can go a long way in ensuring future productivity and trust in your abilities. 10Fold CEO Susan Thomas comments: “I would never ask someone to do something I would not do myself,” and ensures the rest of 10Fold management does the same. Acknowledging that each team member works most competently when they are mutually understood, our business has had the capability to exponentially expand over the last twenty years.

boss v leader

Working With Change In the Environment

A leader is able to quickly and confidently adapt to developing situations. Thinking on your feet is crucial in being able to direct your team in an inventive direction when circumstances change beyond your control. Your organization will look to you for an answer, and your goal is to deliver one as efficient my as possible. As a business, 10Fold understands that things that may work for awhile will inevitably change. This constant need for adaptation has led us to create a metrics driven business plan, incorporating a conservative “Pain Threshold” that, once met, indicates an immediate need to switch strategies and convert ourselves to a new approach. This practice has overseen significant growth in the last year alone, with over 24% increase.


Applying and maintaining these aspects of leadership in business allow for greater expansion and a sense of trust between team members. At 10Fold we work hard to assure that these are continually and successfully achieved.

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