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AppDynamics Extends APM Coverage To Native Mobile Apps

TechCrunch – By Ron Miller (@ron_miller)

AppDynamics, the company that helps monitor application performance issues typically on the server side, announced an upgrade today that adds performance monitoring to native mobile apps. The new functionality came out of Beta this morning.

As CEO Jyoti Bansal explained, they have been monitoring the server side of app interactions for some time. Any mobile app can invoke thousands of server calls. Up until now, AppDynamics software has kept an eye on the server and when there was a server side problem they flagged it and signaled the DevOps teams that there was an issue that required their attention.

But problems can happen anywhere on the path from the app to the phone to the network to the server and DevOps should have visibility into what’s happening at the app level on the phone. Research has shown that users have very little patience for slow apps and tend to leave bad reviews or abandon the app altogether if it’s too pokey–and they don’t really care about the reason.

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