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AppDynamics Looks To Support The Rise Of Microservices Architectures
(by Ben Kepes – Contributor)

As the world gets increasingly excited about new ways of building applications and infrastructure, there is much focus on the value that microservices offers. A complex name for what, at its core, is a simple concept, microservices refers to a concept whereby individual parts of an application are constructed as discrete, modular building blocks. All of these modules (microservices) can then be connected together to create applications and services.

“It’s good to see AppDynamics think about both the technical ramifications of the move to microservices and the economic ones. This commercial change should position them well for the move to composable applications.” – Ben Kepes – Forbes

In order to enable the benefits, while ameliorating the perils, of microservices-based applications, AppDynamics, a vendor offering an application performance platform, is today rolling out a solution that is specifically targeted at making performance monitoring for microservices-based applications commercially palatable.

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