Engaging Media During and Post-Pandemic

Great media coverage remains one of the most cost-effective and high-impact strategies for building your brand and attracting prospects, potential partners and likely investors to your website. However, COVID-19 had a huge impact on media covering technology companies and key vertical markets. We’ve encapsulated just a few of the most important changes below, and for even more information and details, download our “Essential Guide to Media Outreach During and Post-Pandemic” here. 

LESS IS MORE: Develop focused and unique storylines for a few specific reporters 

While we would argue this has been true for years, COVID-19 completely obliterated the “spray and pray approach” – which amounts to blasting a press release to hundreds of media on an unfiltered list, with little to no customization or thought. Focus on tailored pitches designed for specific journalists that cover a topic highly related to your pitch – and include excerpts from experts or your news release that are most relevant to them.  

LESSONS LEARNED FROM DEMAND GEN: Media messages must speak to your buyer  

Demand generation tools and solutions have turned marketing on its ear. Now everything can be measured – from the images clicked, to keywords and hashtags that resonated, right down to the content format and time of day. It’s time to take a page from the demand gen playbook for media outreach. 


Product and partner launches are historically planned months, if not years, in advance. We’re accustomed to planning around summer holidays and big tradeshows, but now we suggest thinking about avoiding days that may bring up memories of a recent tragedy or that may interfere with new public holidays (that may not have been on your calendar a few years back). Not only is being sensitive the right thing to do, but your coverage will be better for this planning. No one wants to be over-shadowed by a national event or holiday. 

This pandemic has most of us crying out “Are we there yet?” in hopes it will soon be over. But even after the health scare has finally subsided, the impact on reporters and publications will take time to sort out. We all must think differently. If you’d like to know more, download the full report.  

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