How Do We Show ROI on Our Next PR Asset?

Many PR professionals are familiar with the difficulty of showing the return on spend for many of their programs. There are a few methods that are better than most: referral traffic tracking, website sessions after an article launch – even adding a drop-down menu to conversion forms can help tie coverage to conversions. 

HubSpot is a gold standard CRM tool and 10Fold not only leverages it for ourselves, but also as an invaluable tool for our clients because we are a HubSpot certified partner. Our agency has found it to be very helpful to create professional, well-designed pages that allow you to make the most of every asset to accomplish the goals of your campaign. We use HubSpot to better measure the impact of public relations activities (particularly when we have a downloadable asset such as a survey or report) and now have a great strategy that helps us measure against our KPIs and a solution for understanding which publications are the best for your organization.   

Data to Insights to Impact 

PR and marketing automation have not been seamlessly integrated to date. At 10Fold, we are making this intersection a reality, and it’s critical to our success as an integrated marketing agency. Having a full window of comprehensive monitoring and measurement allows our marketing and PR goals to align with marketing and business goals – rather than being allocated to the smaller category of only “brand awareness.”  

Traditional PR often uses media mentions as a primary KPI, but with HubSpot integration the team can understand how many website visitors an article drove (providing there was a linkable asset in the article), compare social campaigns to email campaigns and attribute traffic, downloads, form fills and other important metrics associated with engaging prospects. With this form of measurement, 10Fold can draw a direct line to the value of our programs creating ROI, streamline the reporting experience and increase transparency. 

Basic Process  

As we all know, specialized landing pages are a valuable tool for marketers to have in their professional arsenal. 10Fold creates an individual target page for each publication in our media list, giving a reporter a unique link back to their publications specific landing page. This helps track the effectiveness of each piece of coverage, allowing us to understand which outlets have an active and relevant audience that will convert on the asset we are pitching.  

This data allows us to claim responsibility for more than just awareness, and our teams can tie conversions to the specific articles that generated them. This then can help organize and prioritize pitching efforts and focus in on where your content will resonate the most when pitching future content. 

So, What’s the Difference Between This and My Current Strategy? 

HubSpot enables your organization to have a strong connection between media coverage and website visitors and form fills – allowing us to provide more insights about how PR is making an impact with lead generation efforts. 10Fold’s approach individualizes landing pages to create valuable streams of information that help you monitor the success of your campaigns, providing signals into where you may need to pivot your strategy.  

Integrating the CRM component also allows any organization to specifically track not only where conversions originated, but also how many become leads and eventually customers, giving your sales team the ability to signal to you the most valuable sources of MQLs. 

We’ve also seen the insights from these campaigns reach into other programs, some of the most effective being digital campaigns such as paid media opportunities, advertising and content strategy for social media

Get in touch to see how 10Fold can assist you in implementing HubSpot enabled campaigns today! 

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