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Hi, my name is Justine Jordan and I had the opportunity to intern at Trainer Communications while I finished my last semester at San Jose State University. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and a minor in sociology and was excited to be hired on as an Account Associate at Trainer and joined the security practice. To say that I have learned a lot in my time as an intern at Trainer would be an understatement. I have grown tremendously learning foundational PR skills but I also have a better grasp of how B2B PR works under marketing.

The talent that surrounds me is fantastic and I am very fortunate to work for a company that values collaboration, creativity and culture. Interning with Trainer was a wonderful experience and really helped me transition into the working world. The internship gave me the opportunity to get my foot into the door while building on my education, helped me develop professionally and fueled my confidence and my desire for PR.

As an intern I was given real responsibilities like: research for editorial trend pitching, as well as the opportunity to learn amazing new technology from our security clients. By honing those skills, I was able to help make beneficial contributions to the team long before being hired as an Account Associate. I come to work every day and I am consistently encouraged to challenge myself in all facets of public relations. The culture at Trainer allows young professionals to positively express opinions and, more importantly, makes you feel like you belong. As an intern, I was able to work with our CEO, Susan Thomas, to create a vlog on the way PR has changed over time. Not many interns are exposed to wonderful opportunities like those!

Because of my experience as an Intern, I am now able to help future interns transition into the public relations workforce by sharing my knowledge and skills I learned during my time. I am now able to hit the ground running as an Account Associate here at Trainer Communications and grow into a full-fledged PR pro!

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