Scary Security Stats That Are Sure to Spook You Out

Halloween may have come and gone (much to our dismay), but security breaches are here to stay–and only getting scarier. Every year, 10Fold’s cybersecurity clients conduct and publish a number of research reports examining various aspects of the cybersecurity industry and security breach trends. We have compiled the most alarming statistics from these surveys to highlight just how frightening the state of cybersecurity is, and where the industry is heading. 


  • While 22% of organizations confirm that unmanaged devices accessing corporate resources have downloaded malware in the last 12 months, an alarming 49% are unsure or unable to disclose whether the same could be said of them. (Source: Bitglass 2021 BYOD Security Report)   





  • 25% of IT leaders that say email encryption and data loss prevention solutions are most important to overall workplace security also report that they’re not satisfied with the solution they have deployed. (Source: State of IT at Modern Workplaces)  
  • Overall email threats are on an upward trend throughout the first half of 2021. We quarantined over 2.9 billion email threats throughout the first half of 2021, which was a 13.5% increase over the trailing 6-month period. (Source: 2021 Mid-Year Global Threat Report

While there’s only so much we can do to actually prevent cybercriminals from conducting malicious attacks, the good news is, reading up on these trends and staying informed can help save your organization–and your data. As employees, we can do our part by taking cybersecurity education courses, staying on the lookout for phishy emails or text messages, and always reporting them back to our organization. You never know who or what is hiding behind a suspicious link. 

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