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New York’s Historic FinSec Regulation Covers DDoS, Not Just Data

“Financial sector gets a cybersecurity overhaul”

Starting August 29th, New York banks and and other financial actors must report any security event that has a ‘reasonable likelihood’ of causing material harm to normal operations to authorities with 72 hours. Until now, most organizations have been able to sweep data breaches and other comparable embarrassing incidents under the rug without reporting them, or mitigating the FinSec information that is released that may affect customers.

Next generation firewalls to become last generation firewalls

“Security needs constant updates”

Increased end-to-end encryption and the rise of affordable artificial intelligence means your business’ security systems need to be evolved to meet the threats that today’s cyber criminals present. While next generation firewalls still provide a critical component in a business’ security solutions, but no longer provide a “one box to protect it all” turn-key protection system. Today, hackers, knowing most businesses have a NGFW, focus on application layer attacks and they utilize transport layer security to obscure their connections. This evades the defenses provided by a NGFW and requires businesses to either proxy connections at an edge gateway or move security down to the endpoint in order to remain secure.

Heading to College? Job 1: Lock Down your ‘Directory Information’

“Some tips to keep your information secure on campus”

Colleges in the U.S. give away personally identifying data on millions of students each year, defined as unregulated “directory information” for the institutions faculty. Job 1 when arriving on campus: opt out and protect your data from these directories. Check out the link to learn more about shielding your data when you go to school and protect yourself from many would-be cyber criminals who prey on unsuspecting students.

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