Security Never Sleeps – Hurricane Harvey Scams, Locky

US government goes after Hurricane Harvey cybercriminals

“Many trying to scam do-gooders for profit after disaster”

The US government is creating a group to take down Hurricane Harvey cybercriminals. Online thieves and scammers are taking advantage of the massive hurricane in Texas, where thousands have lost their homes and at least 29 people have died. Hackers have been spamming email inboxes with phishing attacks that claim to let you help victims, but actually steal sensitive information. This includes passwords, and in some cases, credit card information or other payment systems.

Massive Ransomware Locky Attack Unleashes 23 Million Emails In 24 Hours

“Mass attacks becoming more common”

Not all cyberattacks are created equal, and many are becoming incredibly sophisticated. Some succeed through careful planning and methodical execution. Other times criminals will launch wholesale attacks, setting as many traps as possible and waiting to see how many unsuspecting users fall into them.

The last is the approach taken by cybercriminals with a recent email barrage that is spreading a nasty new strain of the notorious Locky ransomware. Security experts at AppRiver have been watching the campaign unfold. In just 24 short hours, their systems have watched the attack fire off a jaw-dropping 23 million infected emails.

How to measure cybersecurity effectiveness — before it’s too late

“Proper metrics necessary, or you may be in the dark”

Are you measuring the value and effectiveness of your cybersecurity efforts? Most companies around the world are failing to do so, according to a recent security measurement index benchmark survey. Without establishing the proper analytical tools, you’re flying blind. And even when organizations’ information security function does generate and deliver data about the business’ security, it typically never gets read.

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