Trainer Communications Named Finalist in PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards

Awards: Best Use of Video & Best Trade Media Relations

We’re proud to announce that we have been named a finalist for this year’s 2014 PR Daily Media Relations Awards in categories for Best Use of Video and Best Trade Media Relations. This is a real testament to the team we have built and to the strong programs we have developed for our clients.

Our Trainer nominations include:

@ Best Use of Video: Trainer Communications for Qylur Security Systems, Qylur Company Launch – a YouTube Hit and National Business Press Headlines

@ Best Trade Media Relations: Trainer Communications for MemSQL, Establishing Market Leadership in an Industry Ruled by Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft

Trainer for Qylur Security Systems
Trainer helped Qylur pull off a national media event at Lincoln Center in New York City, where they produced a Qylur Launch Video that was showcased in-front of a packed house of national business and broadcast media, partners, prospects, customers and investors. Trainer suggested producing this powerful video for two main reason: to use it as the featured piece of content for the company’s launch event in New York City and to leverage it in the launch press release to showcase their stories. Within two weeks of Qylur’s launch, the video secured more than 1,000 views on YouTube, resulted in a feature article in the Huffington Post. In addition, both national and international articles were written by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, among others. In all, Qylur experienced a surge in website traffic and a number of incoming requests from investors, technology partners and prospective customers interested in the company.

Trainer for MemSQL
Trainer was tasked with establishing MemSQL as a strong alternative to the established leaders in a product category dominated by Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft. The team utilized a variety of strategies like focusing on feature messaging to gain coverage for two different product announcements, employed a new funding round to showcase the company as an industry disruptor, built a strong relationship with Gartner for inclusion in the “Cool Vendor in In-Memory Computing, 2014” report, and developed eight contributed articles that showed MemSQL as a company that corporate technology buyers should trust. These strategies secured 105 major foundation-building articles, including coverage in Forbes, Fortune, and Dow Jones to name a few, and established MemSQL’s strong competitive position. One of the team’s strongest points of execution was displayed during the client’s first official product launch. On the brink of a large Oracle announcement during their OpenWorld Conference, Trainer and the MemSQL team quickly strategized and wrote a blog that offered a new and clear alternative to Oracle’s new product. Within 24 hours of being published, the blog saw over 17,000 unique visitors, which combined with a follow-on product announcement resulted in 34 feature articles and 10 top-tier media interviews, and “stole the thunder” from Oracle in its first public mention of its in-memory technology at Oracle OpenWorld.

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