What’s New in App Development #2

Your regular digest of “What’s New in App Development” gathered and collected by the 10Fold Enterprise, Mobility & Telecom Practice Team.

Big items to consider: A recent TechTarget story highlights the evolution of network platform requirements as more and more devices – from cars to shipping containers – become connected. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recent issued warnings to a dozen Android app developers for using code known as “SilverPush” in their apps, which uses a smartphone’s microphone to listen to nearby TV audio in an effort to deliver more targeted ads. A recent report around mobile app risk assessment by Flexera Software talks about BYOD security issues related to ‘March Madness’. And finally, Nintendo recently announced its entry in the mobile app business with its latest app Miitomo launched in Japan, an app that has already been downloaded by a million users.

Building enterprise network platforms for tomorrow – SearchSDN (TechTarget)

As analyst Lee Doyle recently noted, the complexity of IoT networking needs – in terms of device connectivity, data analysis and security and integration with existing IT systems – represents a major challenge for most organizations.

For example, selecting the right wireless network is key for collecting and handling a heavy stream of real-time data. The industry also currently lacks mature standards that are essential for interoperability of various IoT devices/systems. There are also multiple challenges with regard to securing, managing and integrating network platforms when it comes to IoT applications. Overall, organizations need partners that can “provide the expertise and professional services capabilities to integrate, secure and manage a number of network platform elements.”

FTC warns app developers against using audio monitoring software – InfoWorld

Is your cell phone spying on you? Thanks to hidden code in some Apps, concerns about illegal cell phone spying are growing. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently sent warning letters to 12 smartphone app developers for allegedly compromising users’ privacy by packaging audio monitoring software into their products.

The software, from an Indian company called SilverPush, allows apps to use the smartphone’s microphone to listen to nearby TV audio in an effort to deliver more targeted ads. SilverPush allows the apps to surreptitiously monitor the television viewing habits of people who downloaded apps with the software included, the FTC said.

March Madness Apps May Be Accessing Your Data – App Developer Magazine

In its mobile app risk assessment report, “March Madness or April Fools,” Flexera Software highlighted BYOD security issues by analyzing the annual March Madness craze as employees are using apps on their corporate and BYOD devices to stream content, complete brackets and track March Madness activities.

The report focused on what data these apps access, what device features they can interact with and could these apps pose a potential security risk to organizations or violate their BYOD policies. The report examined 28 popular media and sporting apps that are available in the Apple App Store to assess them for potential BYOD risk to organizations.

Here’s How Nintendo Just Got a Whole Lot More Valuable – Fortune

Remember your favorite video game company, Nintendo? Considered a latecomer to mobile gaming, it has finally launched its first mobile app, Miitomo, in Japan and it is expected to be available for users in the U.S. by the end of this month.

The new social messaging service has already garnered more than a million Japanese users and it is the No. 1 free download in the country’s App Store, according to data from App Annie. Nintendo’s stock is getting a big boost off the news. Nintendo shares rose Tuesday more than they have in over a month in Japan, jumping 8.2%, as Bloomberg reports. It’s a promising sign for a company that has lost about 80% of its stock value since Apple’s iPhone came on the market back in 2007.

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